Missing Leads

Missing Leads

If leads are being missed, it is either because the Lead Source is not connected to a functioning Callflow or because the Lead Vendor is not sending them to Calldrip. These simple steps will help quickly diagnose the problem.

Makes sure you have the correct date selected and use the search function to find the desired call. 

  1. Click on Reports and select Calls
  2. Click on Filter by Status and make sure that every option is checked
  3. Search for the call (note: if you search by phone, type number like (999) 999-999)
  4. If you find the call, look under Call Info to see why it was missed. Usually, it will be because of a bad number or because it was after hours.

If you cannot find the Call in the Call Reports

  1. Go to Lead Sources
  2. Find the source the lead came from
  3. Click Edit
  4. Make sure that is either connected to a Call Flow or Call Options are completely filled out

If it is connected to a Call Flow

  1. Go to Lead Sources
  2. Click on Call Flows
  3. Locate the Call Flow that was attached to the Lead Source and Select Edit 
  4. Select Call Options
  5. Make sure that either 1 or more agents are selected or 1 or more teams are selected.
  6. Select Save

If the Call Flow is set up correctly, chances are the Lead Vendor did not send the lead to Calldrip. Please contact Calldrip Support by filling out  this form or email us at Support@calldrip.com

Reminder: Don't forget to attach your agent to the appropriate teams and sources

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