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New Updates for August 23, 2022

New and Enhanced Features

  • Added the date and time stamps on conversations in the Inbox on the web and mobile app.
  • Added a new option to record only one side of the conversation to Outbound Flows.
  • Added the integration name to the Integrations Log filter.
  • Updated the Account Data and Lead Data exports with additional columns that give greater insight into a lead's first connection.
  • The inbound calls rate for each user is now on the Users Connected report.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a few bugs in the mobile app.
  • Users should no longer get a 500 error when submitting the form on the Contact Us page.
  • The issue with the Outbound Sources report displaying the data incorrectly, is fixed.
  • Fixed the issues related to the scorecards for Netherlands accounts.
  • Updated and fixed a few issues with the Google My Business integration.