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New Updates for August 26, 2021

New and Enhanced Features

  • User Data is a new export in the Data Export.
  • Default Alerts, Notifications, and Reports are customizable by country in the Admin portal.
  • The source phone number on inbound calls is now displayed below the source name on the Calls page.
  • The "You have a new lead" message has been updated to be per account.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issues with the message counters in the Inbox.
  • The issue with calls assigned to the wrong call status is resolved.
  • When attaching teams to a user in the Admin portal, it no longer loads all teams.
  • Country codes are no longer being removed before a call goes out.
  • Issues with default notifications have been resolved.
  • Error received when creating or editing users on the EU server is fixed.
  • When adding vehicles in admin, it no longer throws an error.