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New Updates for December 15, 2020

New And Enhanced Features

  • Storage of privacy data can now be customized per account.
  • The filter on the users pages has been removed for OEM users to reduce confusion.

Resolved Issues

  • For selected date range, the Customer Happiness report shows correct data.
  • Billing portal now shows correct data.
  • Numbers on the inbound email report now match the dashboard.
  • Total connected now includes direct transfers.
  • The Customer Happiness CSV now matches the data in the table.
  • Numbers on some reports not matching the dashboard has been resolved.
  • Updated error handling when scoring.
  • Updates have been made to outbound tracking numbers.
  • The country for accounts no longer defaults to the US.
  • Issues with sub parsing have been resolved.
  • Updates have been made to OEM users taking calls.
  • Calls can now only be scored by one user.
  • When changing the date on the score history page it will update on the first try.
  • Sorting columns on the calls page have been updated for OEM users.
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