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New Updates for December 29, 2020

New And Enhanced Features

  • The ability to see when a user last logged in has been added to the admin portal when viewing specific users.
  • DealerSocket integration can now send appointment information and any additional notes to the CRM.
  • The date restriction has been removed from the Dashboard and improvements have been made to allow for faster loading times.
  • The country code has been added to the lead alert.

Resolved Issues

  • Updates have been made to Review Boost.
  • Issue with email reports not sending has been resolved.
  • The Accounts Calls report is now showing correct totals on the graph.
  • Inbound number problems in the Netherlands have been resolved.
  • Dynamic sources can now be edited.
  • Duplicates are no longer showing in the scoring queue.
  • Scorer settings are no longer being deleted when updating a user.
  • Calls coming in during business hours are no longer being marked as after hours.
  • Additional issues with the scoring portal have been fixed.
  • Data on the Monthly Comparison report CSV is now correct.
  • All tags that appear on the Calls page now also appear in the CSV.
  • When impersonating other users the Dashboard no longer has errors.
  • Region and district has been added to the account CSV export.