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New Updates for February 23, 2021

​New and Enhanced Features

  • VinSolutions has been added to the integrations page.
  • CRM Assignment has been added as a call strategy to outbound flows as part of the VinSolutions integration.
  • Response time has been updated to include all calls with the call status of Called.
  • Ignoring a text field has been added as a new feature in email parsing, allowing fields to be skipped when parsing.
  • Coach notes have been added to the Scored Metrics CSV export.
  • Updates have been made to the scoring section in the filter.
  • The billing and score settings sections have been moved next to each other when viewing an account in the Admin Portal.
  • Colors have been added to the email parsing status column.
  • Updates have been made to the framework.

Resolved Issues

  • Updates have been made when editing call statuses in the Admin Portal.
  • Formatting updates have been made to the Outbound Sources CSV export.
  • The issue with updating user's phone numbers has been resolved.
  • Issue with updating the scorecard has been fixed.
  • Resolved the issue of not all the tags showing up in the filter.
  • The Appointment Date field when scoring has been updated to a date picker.