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New Updates for January 13, 2021

New And Enhanced Features

  • Custom API templates/rules are now available on next gen.
  • Auto parse rules now allow for two fields instead of one.
  • Last received call has been added as a column to the Users CSV.
  • The Calls, Call Duration, Response Time, and Missed Opportunities reports have been added to the Accounts and Users reports on the OEM level.
  • The text on the button when creating tags has been updated.
  • File Playback Amount has been added into the admin portal under the SIP and Calling section.
  • The account dropdown has been alphabetized to find accounts faster.
  • The ability to attach multiple organizations and accounts to a user has been added in the admin portal.
  • Scoring now only counts against the scored calls limit if the call is a conversation.

Resolved Issues

  • Updates have been made when creating a user in the Calldrip portal.
  • The subject on notifications has been updated to a static subject.
  • Updates have been made when viewing all calls under the organization dropdown.
  • Updates have been made when creating a user with a user code in the admin portal.
  • The Calls page now displays calls in the correct date/time order.
  • Notes have been added back into the Call Emails notification.
  • The whisper requirement has been removed when creating and editing numbers.
  • Can now create an inbound source in admin without adding a phone number.
  • The Outbound Sources report has been updated to show correct totals.