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New Updates for January 26, 2021

New And Enhanced Features

  • Coaching audio can now be recorded while coaching a call, with the ability to pause and resume the recording.
  • New scoring permissions have been added to control which users can view the scorecard, score calls, or coach calls.
  • Calldrips are now shown as a data point in the table of the Outbound Sources report.
  • VIP Customer Contact can now send appointment data and call notes back to DealerSocket.
  • Unique Callers has been added as a data point to the inbound Monthly Comparison report.

Resolved Issues

  • The scorers' filter on the coaching queue and score history pages now only shows users who have permission to score calls.
  • Users will now only show up once in the filter.
  • When an account is removed from a user, it will no longer show up in reports or the data export.
  • Sorting has been updated on the Calls page so it no longer breaks. The inbound, outbound, and business hours filters have also been updated.
  • Missing data on the totals row in the Users Performance report has been added back.
  • Updates have been made to the Monthly Comparison report so it now matches the Dashboard.
  • When an OEM user views the Users page, only the users from the selected account appear.
  • The account dropdown now displays "Accounts" when "View All Calls" is selected from the Organization dropdown.
  • The issue with special characters in the Happiness CSV export has been resolved.
  • Data can now be sorted by Date Received on the Email Parse Log.
  • The Accounts Calls Graph no longer shows different data than the table.