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New Updates for July 19, 2022

New and Enhanced Features

  • Click to Call has been added to the Calldrip mobile apps! Call your leads with ease from the Conversation Details or the Send Menu.
  • With the SMS automation setup, when a new lead comes in, a text message from either party now counts as part of the connection rate.
  • Added the option to have multiple departments on widgets. 
  • Updated the VinSolutions integration; any text messages from Calldrip will post a link to the lead's work notes.
  • CRM Assignment in Outbound Flows now works with DealerSocket.
  • Call Notes now show in the Calls page CSV. Added an additional highlight to see the lead when making notes.
  • The Data Export will now send an email when a download is complete.
  • The name of the Inbox is now in all Inbox notifications.
  • "User Unavailable" was added as an option under the What Happened on the Call dropdown when scoring.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue with an EU Area Code showing as a Bad Number.
  • Updating Users now saves the changes.
  • The BDC report now shows the correct Calldrips percent.
  • Resolved some issues with the Data Export, including User Code not showing and incorrect Widget data.
  • Users should no longer get a 500 error when visiting the Billing page.
  • Fixed the issues related to the live updates on the Calls page.