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New Updates for March 23, 2021

New and Enhanced Features

  • Users can now see their own API key and if a user has permission to impersonate they can see the API key of the user they are impersonating.
  • The Scored Metrics report now shows all the scoring tags on each call, if the call was coached, if the goal tag was marked for a call, and a few more columns have been added to the CSV.
  • Updates have been made to the scoring badge, including its shape and where it's placed on the Calls page.
  • If a review was left after a call, the corresponding emoji now shows next to the lead's name.
  • Call End has been added as a column on the Scoring History page.
  • Can now customize the caller id on an account level as well as per flow.

Resolved Issues

  • Updates have been made to parsing, including adding the trade-in vehicle to the notes.
  • Issues with the lead source restriction not working have been fixed.
  • Updates have been made so accounts no long detach from users.