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New Updates for October 19, 2021

New and Enhanced Features

  • Improved the loading speed of the Users page. 
  • Added the ability to leave a pre-recorded voicemail in customers' voicemail inboxes if they miss your call.
  • The VinSolutions integration is now compatible with VIP Customer Contact.
  • If click to call for an account is turned on, you can call a lead in Calldrip by clicking the lead's phone number.
  • Made improvements to parsing within VIP Customer Contact.

Resolved Issues

  • The issue with the Calldrip logo being too big on Review Invite emails when the company logo for an account is not set, is fixed.
  • Only specific users can change the scoring settings for other users.
  • If a call is a missed opportunity, the Missed Opportunity tag now shows on the Calls page.
  • Removed the requirement on the department field when scoring calls.
  • The User Data export now shows data for all accounts selected instead of just the first account.