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New Updates for October 21, 2020

New And Enhanced Features

  • Add Coaching Notification to NL Users: The coaching notification has been added to all users in the Netherlands.
  • Admin Permission Controls: Once set up, the admin portal can be locked down so users only see what's relevant to their organizations and accounts.
  • Validate Phone Numbers in Admin: Phone number validation has been added back in Admin.

Resolved Issues

  • Scored Metrics page: The numbers in the goal tag circle graph and the goal box at the top now match.
  • Wrong Filter: The Outbound Sources report now has the correct filter.
  • Organization Tags should override accounts: If an organization scorecard has the same tag as an account scorecard, it will update the tag on the account scorecard to be the organization tag.
  • Column Sort Broken: The issues with the column sorting not working have been resolved.
  • Typo on Accounts Email Report: The typo on the Accounts Email report have been fixed.
  • Review Boost on Inbound Bug: The integration now takes into account the time set in the integration setup before sending out a review request.
  • New Scoring KPI's: The scorecard for all new US accounts has been updated with new tags.
  • Transcription Email Bug
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