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New Updates for September 10, 2020

New and Enhanced Features

  • Call Status Update & Calculate Connection Rate from Attempted: Includes new call statuses, such as, Unavailable, Abandoned, and Missed. The connection rate is now the percentage of all leads the user connected with out of all attempted calls.
  • Admin Inbound Number Validation: Added phone number validation when inputting inbound numbers through the admin portal.
  • Reporting Traits: Created functions to centralize and handle all reporting logic and data points.
  • Add Attempts to the Call Log: The attempts modal has been added back to the Calls page under the call status in the response column.
  • Tooltips to scoring call categories (Legacy feature)
  • Filter Updates: The ability to filter data by the account’s business hours has been added.
  • Primary Tags Updated: Global Tags are now Primary Tags. New tags have been added and the existing tags have been updated with new colors and descriptions. The list of Call Ends has been updated when scoring a call.
  • Adding Error Handling to Organizations
  • Update Lead Sources Report: The Lead Sources report has been updated to give more insight to the leads businesses are receiving. A dropdown has been added to show connected data and scored data.
  • Adding "Available" capsule to Users page: Added Available capsule to users page to see at a glance which users are available to take calls.
  • Prioritize Tags on the Calls Page: The Tags column on the Calls page will now only show the following tags: Call End, Opportunity, Goal Tag, WOW, and Alert Tag.
  • Improve Users Reports:
    • Performance Report. The performance report has been moved to the users reports as an option in the dropdown.
    • Users Connected Report. This is a new report that shows the user that connected with the most leads. This report is available at the organization level.
    • Goal Met Report. The name has been updated to Scored and it now shows the user that has the highest goal completion. This report is available at the organization level.
    • Calls Report. This report now focuses on the user that took the most calls. This report is available at the organization level.
  • VIP Customer Contact Final Updates
  • Optimize Next-Gen: The pages across next-gen now load at faster times, even if you are looking at data for the last 30 days.
  • RDS sound file update
  • Numbers Report Update: The Numbers report is now the Inbound Sources report and has been updated to give more insight to the inbound leads businesses are receiving. A dropdown has been added to show connected data and scored data.
  • Updates to the Data Export: Added additional columns to both the Account Data export and Lead Data export..
  • Add the Last Login: The ability to see when a user has last logged in to the tool has been added and can be found in the users profile.
  • Top Location Report Update: This report has been updated to give more insight into how many leads each account is connecting with. A dropdown has been added to show the connected data and the scored data for each account.
  • Add Columns to Coach Queue: Added Answered By and Goal as columns in the Coach Queue to better understand what happened on the call at a glance.
  • Manager Email Report Updates: The Account Manager email report gets a new name and a new look with new data.
  • Show Organization: After “View All Accounts” has been clicked in the account selection dropdown, change the text from “Accounts” to the name of the organization. If a user has access to only one account, take them to that account’s dashboard instead of the multi-account view.
  • Organization Score Card: New feature that allows organizations to set up a scorecard to be used by most or all of their accounts.
  • Accounts Report: New reports that show the Calls, Call Duration, Response Time, and Missed Opportunities for each account.
  • Update Schedule and Users CSV Reports: Additional data points have been added to the CSVs.
  • Schedule Sorting Updates: Sort the schedule page alphabetically by the user’s name.
  • Add Call Statuses as Tags: All call statuses are now primary tags, allowing notifications to be sent out when a certain call status occurs.
  • Update Call Statuses in DB: Update the call statuses in the DB to match the new ones.
  • Monthly Comparison Report Updates: The monthly comparison report has been added at an organization level and updated on an account level.
  • Enticement Report at Org Level: The enticement report is now available at the organization level.

Resolved Issues

  • Leads with No Name: Leads that come in with no name have been given placeholder text with a link to the Call Information page.
  • Coached Email Subject Bug: The subject line of the coach email now functions as it should.
  • Internal users visible when editing user notifications
  • Link to Teams Added to Inbound Flows: Clicking on the team name, when viewing and inbound flow, will now take you to a page that shows the users attached to the team.
  • Auto Attendant Validation: Validation has been added when creating an Auto Attendant to ensure that an extension has been added.
  • Users Always Active When Created: When creating a new user, the schedule can be toggled inactive and it will save as inactive.
  • Users Visible When Attached to an Organization: Users that are not attached to any account can now be seen on the Users page if they are attached to that organization.
  • Contract link not showing on signed sales agreement notification
  • Sales Order Link not showing on sent notification emails
  • Sales Order contact link incorrect in hellosign API file
  • Fixing Whisper for XML leads
  • Update line 2664 of the transfer script
  • Commission bugs
  • Users Performance report 500 error if no goal tag on the account
  • Special Users losing their accounts
  • Saving User Not Attaching to team
  • Unlimited Users on the sales order
  • Lead sources bug on beta
  • Attempts modal phone number bug
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