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New Updates for September 29, 2020

New And Enhanced Features

  • Google Analytics & DealerWeb Integrations: The Google Analytics & DealerWeb integrations have been added to the next-gen platform.

Resolved Issues

  • Updates to the transfer script
  • Add coach name to history export: The user who coached the call has been added as a column of the CSV export on the Scoring History page.
  • User Account Removal: When a user is removed from an account they will now be automatically removed from any teams.
  • Lead Time Report Bug: When a user has Twelve Hour Time Format toggled off, they will now see the missing table heading and be able to download the CSV.
  • Account Data Export Updates: Calldrip’s are now outbound only.
  • Lead Data Export Phone Number Bug 
  • Inbound flow edit page updates
  • Scored Metrics Graph Not Loading
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